Ikea Rast Review


get rasty

The Rast is, far and away, the most hacked Ikea piece of all time.  Need proof? Here, here, here, here … you get the idea.   And as far as hacks go, it’s a great one to start with.  With a few coats of paint or wood stain and some knobs from Anthropologie, this dresser can go from plain pine box to chic mid-mod nightstand  for $50 and a couple of hours of your time.  The possibilities are endless! In fact, I myself have a pair serving nightstands in our guest bedroom. But despite it’s customability, there are some downsides…

The downside is that these dressers are small and somewhat slight.  Plus, the drawers are not on rails, they just slide in   This means that there are times when I pull on a handle and the entire dresser moves, instead of just a drawer sliding out.  I would like to think this is because of incredible chataranga-sculpted arms, but my soft biceps suggest that it’s probably more a function of the furniture (dang it).

So while you can customize the Rast to your heart’s content, I wouldn’t rely on one for everyday, hard-wear use.  But that’s just my opinion.  What are your experiences with the Rast and how have you customized it?


  • Easy to Construct
  • Easy to Personalize (seriously easy)
  • Incredibly hackable for a wide variety of styles and options


  • small
  • not very sturdy
  • Drawers lack rails (slot slide)
  • The back of the dresser is that horrible ikea particle board (a.k.a. glorified poster board)



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